How it all began

Born in the city of Neuquén (Neuquén province, Argentina), in 1985, Juan Pablo Ordóñez started playing the guitar when he was 11 years old. Since then, he has studied with many private teachers and in several music schools while taking part in many rock and heavy metal bands.

In 2003, he enrolled in the Berklee International Network college of music in Buenos Aires, where he graduated a few years later with the title of Professional Guitarist and then worked as a teacher for a while. In 2004, he also started attending the Buenos Aires School of Music [EMBA, in Spanish], obtaining the degrees Sound and Recording Technician and Professional (Music) Producer 

Juan Pablo has studied with the likes of Lito Epumer, Daniel (pipi) Piazzolla, Sergio Álvarez, Manfred Schwarzkopf, Willy González, Patricio Carposi, and Sebastián Bazán, among others.

He has also taken part in several bands of various musical styles and shared the stage with renowned Argentine musicians.

In 2007, he recorded a DVD with his band Retórica and Norberto Rodríguez (Walter Giardino Temple) as a special guest. In that same year, he created the Jazz Play duo, together with Max Ditamo, with whom he interpreted classic jazz songs with a tinge of pop, and other oldies. Soon afterwards, he started taking part in 0Km (formerly, Mr.Hi), a band dedicated to the performance of classic funk, soul, and international rock & pop songs, and which was headed by Fernando Scarcella (drummer in the well-known Argentine heavy rock band Rata Blanca), Max Ditamo and Pablo Motyczak. At the same time, he also took part in Macarena Robledo’s project.

During 2008, and up to 2009, he worked together with Adrián Barilari (famous singer and leader of Rata Blanca), accompanying him in the presentation of his soloist project called Canciones doradas, which lead them to perform live in Buenos Aires and Rosario (Santa Fe), as well as in television channels. At the same time, he also took part in Gastón Bell’s soloist rock and pop project. Soon afterwards, they also created Freeze, a band dedicated to the interpretation of classic covers.

In 2009, Juan Pablo Ordóñez entered the band headed by the renowned Christian music singer Daniel Poli, with which he has performed extensively throughout Argentina, Latin America, and Spain. In that same year, he started playing with Arab Rock, a band which merges Arab music with rock, taking an active role on the Argentine-Arab circuit.

In 2010, he entered the band Celebration, a well-known band which performs covers in first-class events both in Buenos Aires and other Argentine cities.

In 2011 he began to play with El Secreto de Pandora, with which he has recorded a CD called Con la esperanza de contragolpe, in the well-known El Pie and Tónica recording studios. The disk was produced by the renowned producer and mix & mastering technician Daniel Ianniruberto, who has worked for the popular Argentine TV series Casi Ángeles, High School Musical, and ISA tkm, among others.

During 2012,he started playing with FDP – La banda de Guillen, , created by the well-known Argentine actor and musician Gustavo Guillén, and which recreates classic rock and pop covers.

In 2013, he participates the audition to join the band of the well-known Argentine singer David Bolzoni (singer of Telefe recognized series such as “Resistiré”, “Montecristo”, “Vidas Robadas”, “Botineras”, “Cain y Abel”, also some of his records has been “gold record” in Mexico and Chile, and “platinum” in Argentina) and he is selected, so the band starts performing extensively throughout Argentina.

guitarrista argentino juan pablo ordonez con BarilariGuitarrista Argentino Juan Pablo Ordoñez junto a  Antonio Plaza  (San Juan)Juan Pablo Ordoñez guitarrista argentino Daniel Bolzoni

In 2014, he began playing in some projects produced and/or directed by renowned producers such as Chino Ascencio and Juan Blas Caballero.

Althoug, in that year he traveled to the city of Corrientes, to the prestigious theater “Teatro Vera” to film a live DVD with the famous Catholic musician Kiki Troia (Martin Valverde keyboardist, and also, composer and arranger of many Latin artists).

In August, he plays with Francisco Cuestas (son of Nestor Cuestas, and member of the Musiqueros Entrerrianos, in the presentation of his album in “La Trastienda” featuring the renowned Argentinian folk musician Alvaro Teruel (singer of “Los Nocheros”).

At the end of 2014, he starts working together with the internationally famous Chilean singer-songwriter Alberto Plaza (, going on tour and playing in the best Argentinean theaters.

Currently,  Juan Pablo Ordóñez is the leading guitarist of the following musical projects:

  • David Bolzoniguitarrista argentino juan pablo ordonez  Teatro Vera
  • Alberto Plaza
  • Daniel Poli
  • Celebration
  • Cecilia De Singlau
  • Gastón Bell
  • Lilian Zárate
  • Simplemente Juntos
  • Laura Celso
  • Freeze

It is also worth mentioning that Juan Pablo has been working as a teacher for 13 years now, teaching guitar and general music lessons. Moreover, he has been professionally working as a guitar sessionist in various bands and recording projects for 8 years.